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29 April 2009 @ 11:57 pm
The demise of my car, part 2  
My car was in the shop. The mechanic called me and told me that it was dead. Dead dead.

I got my car when I was 19. My dad's kidney's had just failed. Part of my house had flooded. My grandpa had just died. (This was all within a week.) My car had been my grandpa's. I envisioned him driving it, full of his "lady friends" all around town, somehow managing to flirt with all of them simultaneously without pissing off any of them. (My grandpa was a total flirt. So was my dad. Now you know where I got it from.)

I drove my car back from Arizona with my mom riding shotgun and my grandparents' ashes in the back seat. I had a learner's permit and my mom trusted me enough to fall asleep while I drove. She told me to wake her up if I got pulled over. (I never did.)

I lived in my car in Tahoe for 10 days when I was 20. It rained most of the time. I had sex in my car multiple times with two of my exs over the years, probably in every seat too. (Sorry... TMI... I'm reminiscing.) I had long talks in my car and long fights. I cried, laughed, and sang (a lot).

My car saved my life a few times. (Maybe it was my mad driving skills...) I spun out across 4 lanes of a freeway in my car. Didn't hit a thing! I never was the cause of an accident and got rear-ended twice. I had a crazy drunk chick attack my car, trying to get at me cause I looked at her funny.

My car got me from here to there and in the process, I put 128,000 miles on it.

In the end, regular maintenance did my car in. There was a weakness in the heating coil. When I had the oil guys put in more coolant and a new radiator cap, the pressure caused a fatal flaw in the engine. The engine overheated and seized which caused the timing belt to snap. I'm glad I made it off the freeway in one piece.

RIP 1995 Teal Ford Escort. You were an awesome car to me and I probably could have treated you a hell of a lot better.