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30 March 2009 @ 09:41 am
List O Stuff  
These are the things I want to get done today:

~ Grade the box of stuff I have here
~~ Math
~~ Science
~~ Social Studies
~ Grade the remaining Science Journals
~ Write some lesson plans for next week
~ Mow the back lawn (and the front yard apparently too)
~ Get rat food and deliver it to Stephen
~ Buy used sewing machine (if store down the street has one)
~ Buy fabric for skirt
~ Plan Dark Garden trip (if possible)
~ Clothes shopping (if time)
~ Head up to SF (leave around 3:30?)
~ Take care of Discover bill
~ Write Craigslist ad about rats
~ Take shower
~ Email Alex's mom

I'm sure there's more. I have 6 hours.
~ Go to Dark Garden